Civil and Criminal Litigation, Arbitration, Appeal


Litigation in the Civil and Criminal cases is aimed to get a fast and fair resolution of the matters. Our lawyers will take care of a fair judgment, when everything is said and done. We specialize in reliable, legal solutions including;
• Negotiation
• Litigation
• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Arbitration
• Appeal
We prioritize, Arbitration in many disputes because of its positive role and impact to avoid its dealing in the corridors of the judiciary, especially in certain situation, such as spousal disputes or those relating to the conclusion and execution of contracts, particularly the long term technology, trade and joint ventures.
At the appellate courts we represent the appellant or a client responding to an appeal. Our ability is to synthesize and analyze the case; control the standards of review; create a compelling arguments to earn judicial and client trust. We handle cases on appeal that were originally tried by our attorney’s in the trial courts, as well as the cases that were tried by other litigators.
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